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Dayton's Story

March 15th, 2022 was a day of unimaginable tragedy, grief and heartbreak… when a horrific crash took the lives of nine people and devastated the Price Family with shocking news about the condition of Dayton Price.

Dayton Price, attended the University of the Southwest, in Hobbs, New Mexico on a golf scholarship, achieving a 4.0 GPA and playing the best golf of his life when his dream faded into an overnight nightmare. Dayton and 7 of his teammates and coach were unfortunately victims of a fatal collision on their return home from a golf tournament in Midland, Texas.  Their bus was struck head on by a pick-up truck, which resulted in an explosion and fire killing 7 teammates and their coach.  Dayton Price and Hayden Underhill were the only two survivors, both from Canada.  Dayton suffered severe 3rd and 4th degree burns to over 44% of his body which resulted in 86 days in hospital, most of those days in ICU Burn Unit at The University Medical Center in Lubbock Texas. Hayden Underhill was ejected 60 feet from the bus onto the highway suffering a major head injury and a broken leg. Dayton is continuing his battle to recover 1 year later with daily therapy and hospital visits.  Still requiring aggressive laser surgery to his upper and lower body to help with mobility needs.  

Dayton’s goals have not changed.  He continues to work hard and focus on becoming a professional golf player to hopefully one day represent his country in the PGA Tour.  With every step on and off the course, he carries his teammates and coach with him with the goal of turning the pain and heart break into something positive.  The families of the USW teammates are healing in their own way with the loss of their young men and women. Dayton’s goal is to ensure that the world never forgets their legacy and he will continue to keep them close throughout his life journey.

This included a father, a son, six members of the University of the Southwest’s golf team, and their coach.

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